Agrosolutions carries out the Bioline by InVivo Carbon Footprint


Oct 2020

What are the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the activities of Bioline by InVivo? How do the different sites, products and services sold contribute to these emissions? And above all, what levers do we have at our disposal to reduce our own emissions and support French agriculture towards the national ambition of carbon neutrality in 2050?

It is to answer these questions that Bioline by Invivo called upon Agrosolutions to carry out its Bilan Carbone®, the first important brick to build and implement a progress approach. The project is also in line with the dynamics of the “Carbon Committee” of Bioline by Invivo, whose objective is to generate a transverse dynamic to the cooperatives and business expertise gathered at Bioline.

The methodology developed by ADEME and the Bilan Carbone Association completes the range of carbon accounting tools deployed by Agrosolutions. The exercise was ambitious: with the support of the Bioline by Invivo CSR team, it started with the understanding and description of the material and energy flows involved in the value chains of the different subsidiaries of Bioline by Invivo. It continued by estimating the GHG emissions related to various sources, such as energy consumption, raw material supply, waste management, use and end of life of the products sold, staff travel, etc.

Bioline by Invivo now has a photograph of the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions linked to its activities, which will allow it to identify the priority projects to be carried out to fight against climate change!

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