Food & Territories

The relationship between society and its food is constantly changing. These changes are observed at the level of production, processing, distribution and consumption. Agrosolutions collaborates with regional and planning stakeholders on numerous food, real estate and short supply chain themes.

Sustainable agriculture

Thanks to more than 40 years of references in agronomic and environmental sciences, Agrosolutions drives and supports the agriculture of tomorrow. Zero Pesticide Residue, low Greenhouse Gas emission sectors, Protein Plan, preservation of natural resources… The expectations of cooperatives, farmers but also of society with regard to agriculture are evolving. To respond to this, Agrosolutions relies on a large network of technical experiments and agricultural partners to give technical work a new dimension and anticipate developments in agricultural professions.


Agri-energies such as methanization and agrivoltaism are real levers for the agroecological transition of agricultural systems and undeniable assets for the sustainable development of territories: in France, the agricultural sector produces as much energy as it consumes and already provides 20% of renewable energy production.

Agri-energy are above all territorial projects; each project has its own strengths, constraints and acceptability criteria. This is why Agrosolutions supports you towards a better understanding of the agricultural issues of your projects.

Responsible supply

Many companies in the agri-food sector are now committed to improving the environmental impact of their production thanks to eco-design. Agrosolutions supports you by putting at your service its team specialized in carrying out LCAs and in leading the ecodesign approach to be deployed.

Low-carbon transition

Agrosolutions offers you the opportunity to evaluate the impact on the climate of a product, an activity or an agricultural territory using a carbon assessment and also supports you in the deployment of Low-Carbon Label certified agricultural projects. Our expertise extends to the agri-food sectors, supported in the definition and implementation of low-carbon strategies for their agricultural upstream.


Agrosolutions launched its innovation unit in 2021, to anticipate its thoughts on innovative subjects and better understand the issues of tomorrow. this unit has already provided answers to new challenges such as methanization and agrienergy.


The consulting firm in agri-environment at the service of agricultures, value chains and territories.

Technical expertise

For 43 years, our teams have been supporting stakeholders of the agricultural world on all technical issues. The experts of Agrosolutions observe in the field, study, analyze and advise. They identify the stakes, the risks and the opportunities related to a subject or a project, then recommend action plans.

Alliance of skills

The areas of expertise are numerous at Agrosolutions: agronomy, ecophysiology, hydrogeology, geomatics, ecology, data sciences and modeling, agricultural and environmental law and economics… So many words that you may not master but that our team of engineer-consultants would be thrilled to explain.


Recently relocated in Reims (Grand Est region), Agrosolutions guarantees a strong proximity with the field. This privileged access enables the firm to animate progress strategies with stakeholders of territories and the food sector.

They trust us

Our 3 years of collaboration with Agrosolutions has pushed our value chain forward, simultaneously at the level of the efficiency of agricultural practices in the charter, of the ambition of the program, of the impact measurement of practices on the environment and of farmer’s income.
Flora SCHMITLIN, Harmony European Program Manager (Mondēlez France)
Agrosolutions, ce sont des Experts qui nous accompagnent dans la mise en œuvre de bonnes pratiques d’utilisation des solutions de protection des cultures, pour optimiser le revenu des Agriculteurs, tout en contribuant à la construction d’une agriculture durable. Je sais pouvoir compter sur eux pour m’alerter sur des enjeux techniques ou environnementaux et, au final, proposer les mesures d’accompagnement les plus pertinentes.
Thierry BRETON, Coordinateur Technique & Marketing PPA
Je tiens à remercier Amina et Marion d’Agrosolutions pour nous avoir donné la méthode efficace, nous permettant d’atteindre le niveau « argent » du CSR Reporting Ecovadis en 1 an de travail.
Corinne LESENS, Directrice R&D & Qualité
Nous sommes très satisfaits d’Agrosolutions qui a permis de dresser un panorama des cultures de diversification envisageables sur notre territoire et qui a évalué l’impact de l’introduction de celles-ci à l’échelle des exploitations types via une multitude d’indicateurs.
Anne-Laure MOYSES, Coordinatrice Innovation, Marketing et Solutions Adhérents
Agrosolutions a su accompagner Total Quadran mais aussi les territoires et leurs partenaires, en développant un outil d’analyse de projet agrivoltaïsme, capable de mesurer la création de valeur, les implications économiques et organisationnelles pour des exploitations agricoles attentives aux nouvelles innovations.
Xavier MESSING, Head of Solar Development
L’accompagnement d’Agrosolutions a été un vrai plus pour la filière : il nous a permis de structurer notre démarche RSF et d’accélérer ce projet, qui s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’ADN de la filière.
Marie RAMBAUD, Responsable Communication & Marketing et Référente RSE

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