are we?

A team of committed engineers deeply convinced that sustainable agriculture should be incorporated at all levels: upstream agricultural activities, transformation activities, downstream activities.

From the earth to the plate, from the consumer to the farmer, and more than ever, in our cities and in our everyday life.

Our history

40 years of agronomical expertise at the service of all agricultures

Agrosolutions was born out of an observation made in the 1970’s by the first French cooperative group, InVivo: to carry out a performing and environment-friendly agriculture. In response to such an observation, control over plant protection products, their application and their impacts was necessary.

This is how an in-house research department specialized in agronomy and comprised of qualified technicians has been founded, and with it, a resource unprecedented in France.

The strength of the network has been capital. The products ought to be tested and validated by working in close cooperation with farmers, the first users of these products. Uniting experimentation methodologies, quality rules, field surveys, the agronomists of this service have forged their reputation at the heart of InVivo and with the cooperatives and with its suppliers.

In 2009, the agronomical department merged with the sustainable agriculture and development department (ADD): at the forefront of the rising awareness on environmental issues.

It has become a cornerstone and a reference for agronomic studies within the group and the entity has been detached as a full-blown unit since 2013. It was adequately named Agrosolutions.

Since then, its investment in innovation, the strength of its network and the trustworthiness of its expertise have not only accompanied French farmers, the priority of the group, but also private companies, the State and the international actors which are also concerned with supporting a sustainable and viable agriculture.

Currently driven by committed engineers, Agrosolutions relies on the transversality of its expertise to push forward the agriculture, the food sector and the territories in an indivisible triptych.


Our philosophy

Every day, we help building a sustainable world.

Our strength: transversality.  We advise and support all stakeholders concerned by the challenges of sustainable agriculture: from upstream agricultural stakeholders, to food sector industries and to territories.

We contribute to its construction with conviction and in-depth expertise.

The efficiency of our advice is verified and acknowledged through:

  • our action towards French farmers for more than 40 years
  • our participation in scientific research groups
  • the support of our network of more than 200 cooperatives
  • our successful examples
  • our complementarity of skills (committed and multidisciplinary engineers)

Our particularity

Our mode of operation is unique: neither a simple audit firm, nor a simple agronomy department. We rely on collective intelligence: we combine the skills of our 40 engineers with the ones of our clients and partners, with the ability to connect all the agricultural stakeholders.

Our know-how is based on scientific knowledge, data collection, data analysis and the perfect understanding of the reality on the ground. It is our practical, realistic and nevertheless innovative spirit which guides ours actions and enables us today to animate the success of the challenges we are facing.

Thus, Agrosolutions exists to ”build a sustainable world”.

Key figures

team members and as many pairs of boots
35 %
of our turnover dedicated to R&D
km travelled by train for our clients